Artist Statement
Transformation, contextual shift, spatial occupation - Myriam Gras (Arnhem, 1992) investigates the socio-economic relationships to a location that encourages the individual or industry to act. The work is about the need to leave traces behind or in turn destroy them. In doing so as well, the viewer, or Gras herself, often becomes an active part of the work. This is expressed in photographic sketches, installations, performances and objects that are linked to time and space.

The work shows a fascination for the identity and history of a specific location, which were shaped by the human urge for progress. Material is adapted, reinterpreted and rearranged. The works are based on fact and research, but are shown in an alternative form. This does not lead to destruction but to a rearrangement and reallocation of meaning. Both the space that is taken up and the space that surrounds the works are essential.