Exhibition view Hotel Solo with Tent Haus Oslo at Club Solo Breda, (NL)

A dream for those who go, a challenge for those who stay behind, 2018
Installation, mixed media
120cm x 200 cm 
The projects title is based on the slogan of the popular Dakar Rally. Originally hold in Africa, but moved to South America due to a terrorist attack. Mega Sport Events are a phenomenon frown upon, and so is the race: because of it’s carbon frootprint, colonialistic references and damage to the landscape, such as the Nazca lines in Peru and the yet to be mapped fossilbeds under the first layers of desert sand. Outcomes which question the desire to participate. 

The bed was demolished by a young visitor at the gallery by taking place into the not so stable marble installation - summarising that in the end dreams must be shattered by brutal reality. Both figurative and literally.

Publication of exhibition
The little visitor tried to crawl into to bed, which was nog ment to have dreams in - the bed and the dream were demolished.