Solid Water Ways, 2022
Digital Print
40 cm x 30 cm
Taken on a journey while documenting the temporary shoreline of an esker home to Vuosaari, the work Solid Water Ways explores temporary shapes and forms. The shapes switch from becoming the main surface to opening up space for the other temporary surface which lies underneath, as the surrounding area of the esker is one of the few places in the world where land is still rising. This work reflects on the activity of entering and the claiming of matter and gaining temporary access, where the constant metamorphosis of solid matter turning into a liquid condition, and vise versa, is seen as a connector. 

The work questions the freedom of movement, borders and devisions, as water ways play an important role on a global scale; water flows freely, but is yet heavy influenced to multiple surrounding natural factors and at the same time shaping and being shaped by political descisions and acts of labour. However, water is still categorised under weak anthropocentrism, having no legal status and thus protection by law.