Installationview MurfMurw in de H.U.T, Theater de NWE Vorst (Tilburg, NL)

Auct. minus, 2020
Installation: wood, tire, wild flowers, sand, oasis, led
150 cm x 675 cm

The work Auct. minus is an interactive installation created over the course of two days. The installation, in which a ramp with a tractor wheel is placed in front of the vegetation, challenges the visitor to participate in an act of destruction, or not. The process an sich is similar to processes we see in the auction market, where the confluence of supply and demand determines the degree of destruction of products. Various forms of energy are lost with this destruction.

The dystopian sculpture in the basement of the theatre appears to house various species of weeds, a deliberate choice that is only viable through the use of artificial light. In a future where clean air can be considered a luxury good, which can perpetuate class differences as dirty air particles inhaled in indoor spaces inhibit brain development. The work questions the value we place on vegetation in public spaces and how we as a society want to relate to future scenarios.