RINGBAAN KOLLEKTOR is a platform that gathers contemporary art and artists. The platform aims to provide all residents of the city with the opportunity to collect carefully curated artworks and connect with local artists.  RINGBAAN KOLLEKTOR develops through experimentation, discussion and public research into culminating projects - starting with an exhibition, a digital archive and sharing knowledge through discussions and conversations. 

About the kollektor editions
By experimenting with different economic models, RINGBAAN KOLLEKTOR seeks to stimulate the collecting of contemporary art and to tap into the potential of the local infrastructure. Artworks selected to participate are carefully matched. In other words: the artist gives + receives a work of art. Before the work goes to its new owner, it is first exhibited at an ever-changing location in the city. A selection of the participating works can also be purchased by collectors, fans and enthusiasts.

RINGBAAN KOLLEKTOR: centrum editie
Julien Arts, Marijn Dijkmeijer, Eva Hoonhout, Simon van Iersel, Robin Kersten, Thomas Koevoets, Larissa Schepers, Osip Schoenmakers, Eef Schoolmeesters, Martha Thissen, Ema Vanekova, Nina van de Ven, Roy van Wezenbeek

exhibition overview: Simon van Iersel, Roy van Wezenbeek, Ema Vanekova, Larissa Schepers, Nina van de Ven, Thomas Koevoets, Eva Hoonhout
Eva Hoonhout
exhibition overview: Eef Schoolmeesters, Robin Kersten, Julien Arts, Osip Schoenmakers, Martha Thissen
exhibition overview: Simon van Iersel, Roy van Wezenbeek, Eef Schoolmeesters, Julien Arts, Martha Thissen
exhibition overview: Marijn Dijkmeijer, Larissa Schepers, Eva Hoonhout
Nina van de Ven
Osip Schoenmakers
Roy van Wezenbeek, detail
Marijn Dijkmeijer
exhibition overview: Martha Thissen, Larissa Schepers, Eva Hoonhout
Eva Hoonhout
Marijn Dijkmeijer, detail
Eva Hoonhout
Exhibition overviewexhibition overview: Simon van Iersel, Roy van Wezenbeek, Ema Vanekova, Larissa Schepers, Nina van de Ven, Martha Thissen, Thomas Koevoets, Eva Hoonhout
Thomas Koevoets Martha Thissen
Julien Arts
Robin Kersten